Yes. You are always welcome in the operatory with your child during treatment. In special situations, it may be best for your child to be treated under general anesthesia with an anesthesiologist. In this case, you will be with your child when they fall asleep and when they awake.

Your child should begin seeing a pediatric dentist after his/her first birthday according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

When a baby is teething, the gums tend to get sore, tender, and irritable. Some things you can do to comfort them are to rub the gums gently with a clean finger, the back of a cold spoon, or a cold wet cloth. You can use teething rings to comfort a teething child.

  • Good Snacks
  • Fresh fruit- limiting oranges and peaches
  • Fresh vegetables, cheese
  • Unsalted nuts, popcorn
    Bean Dips, Hard boiled eggs
  • Anything containing xylitol
  • Candy, cookies, cake, pie
  • Soda pop, lemonade, energy drinks
  • Gatorade, iced tea
  • Non-sugarless gum
  • Crackers, breadsticks, chips
  • Dried fruit, raisins, fruit rollups